Anyone Hear A Horn Tooting?

book release, free range learning, hope, peace, natural learning, sustainability, I’ve been filling this space with hope, concern, peace and some attitude.

When I come across little-known books , music, documentaries and new research it’s a pleasure to share them.

I admit to feeling bashful when my publisher insisted I establish this site.  Sure, the net is teeming with people shining spotlights on themselves but I was raised to be polite and avoid attracting attention.  Not that I’m a credit to my upbringing. I’m too opinionated and sarcastic to qualify as polite. I’d be happy to avoid attracting attention but I can’t help it due to problems with gravity and a history of being attacked by vegetables.

But I know this site is a way of extending the work I do as a writer. Except…. I haven’t posted anything about my writing!

Well, I’m giving that a go right now.

That’s because today is the release date for my book. It’s titled Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. What’s it about?

Free Range Learning celebrates the promise found in each person’s abilities and interests. It emphasizes community enrichment, connection to nature, purposeful work and much more.  This handbook on educating the whole child provides a wealth of ideas and resources that help to preserve curiosity, awe and intellectual vigor as lifelong attributes.

Free Range Learning doesn’t shy away from data. It cites research by neurologists, child development specialists, anthropologists, educators, historians and business innovators. And it offers insights and experiences shared by over 100 homeschoolers from around the world.

The book also takes a look at the impact of our educational choices. It asks the reader to consider alternative education as a cultural shift that is redefining success and reshaping the future of schooling. Free Range Learning asserts that innovative and ethical young people who are accustomed to critical thinking will be the best equipped to meet the challenges of our changing world.

Attention given the book hasn’t risen to a thunderous clamor by any means. I did enjoy two recent moments of attention, for the following reasons:

Participating in Writer’s Read gave me a glorious opportunity to promote the work of other authors (click “read on” to see all five books I’m reading).

And Campaign for the American Reader’s Coffee with a Canine let me talk about my hound friends ( click “read on” for photes and details).

If clamor erupts, I’ll share links to reviews (and rants too) on the main page. Right now you can find endorsements, an interview and a few articles based on the book.

Free Range Learning is published by Hohm Press, a wonderful independent press committed to books promoting harmony and integrity for the last 35 years. They don’t, however, do anything in the way of marketing.

So it’s up to me. I want this book to do a world of good. I’m trying to get the word out to people interested in educational alternatives, community enrichment and natural parenting. That may include parents, educators, administrators, policymakers, sustainability groups, homeschool groups, anyone who might be open to more holistic learning . If you are inclined, please help me spread the word.

And stay tuned, a book trailer is in the works!




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16 thoughts on “Anyone Hear A Horn Tooting?

  1. I’ve stopped by your site a couple of times via Debra Heller Bures. I’m a longtime home/unschooler and an author, and just wanted to say that I totally understand. Tooting your own horn is easily one of the hardest things to do! Congrats on the book.


    • I haven’t gotten much horn tooting practice, but I suspect you’ve been published more than I have Kris. The day my book came out I caught up on some writing projects, weeded the garden and visited my father who is in the hospital. If you have horn tooting suggestions (and book promotion ideas) I’m game!


  2. Well, I have the blessing of reading your book. I am not quite done…but it is wonderful and not what I expected. I must admit, I thought “free range” would be about kids directing their own education to the point it would be detrimental or put them behind. I thought it would allow a child to choose to learn that day or just watch tv instead. Boy, was I wrong! This book is about the essence of how a child learns and how to instill creativity, confidence and a curiosity about the world. Really enjoying the book and I hope anyone interested in education or homeschooling buys it!


  3. Always happy to talk about publishing, Laura. And homeschooling! One thing I would do is contact Richele (above) and ask her if she’d be willing to add that review to Amazon! Getting people to review books on Amazon/B&N is difficult, but it’s so important to buyers.


    • Sheesh, this is hard stuff for someone raised to politely avoid taking any favor offered. Apparently this whole book thing will help me advance toward my goal of politeness recovery. By the time I hit old age I should be one rowdy babe.

      As soon as Richele is finished I’ll ask her. Thanks Kris!

      And you know who to ask if YOU need me to review a book of yours….


  4. Oh…no problem..I have no issue with putting a review on Amazon and/or B&N. I just copy and paste my original review to the commercial sites. I’d be happy to! I’m about ready to do a write anyway. I have a few other things on my plate…but I want to get this done before the next school year when ladies are starting to homeschool. 🙂


  5. hi, just heard about your book via buddhist h.s. list. If you had a facebook page for your book it would be much easier to help you get the word out. Good luck.


  6. If you can travel to the Chicago area the weekend of March 24, 2011, we have our annual InHome Homeschoolers Conference. It’s for all “homeschoolers”. I can book you to do a 1 hour presentation (or 2) on how-to-unschool/homeschool on the road (other topics optional) & you can set up a table to sell your books. This does a lot, such as: put you in touch with your readers (an opportunity to request that they post reviews about you on their blogs & on Amazon); allows your kids to have a great weekend with over 500 other homeschooled kids in one great location (we boast some 350 familes, 60+ adult workshops & 150+ workshops for kids).

    That said, maybe you should look at doing a travel circuit where ever homeschooling/unschooling conferences are happening for the next year.

    There is also an online radio host here that I can put you in touch with. She too is an unschooler always promoting the good guys.

    Goodluck, I plan to make your book my vacation read in Mexico.



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