Articles Based on Free Range Learning

How Kids Benefit from Real Responsibilities. Sharing household responsibilities with kids boosts positive character traits and learning in six ways. Find out why it’s important to start young.   Wired

Climb, Swing & Snuggle: Reading Readiness Involves the Whole Body Readiness isn’t created by workbooks or computer programs. It’s the result of brain maturation as well as rich experiences found in bodily sensation and movement.  Life Learning Magazine 

Can’t Stop the Science. Keeping scientific curiosity alive isn’t hard. It’s about saying “yes.”   Tipping Points 

Six Homeschooling Misconceptions: Erased  Experience and plenty of research dispels commonly held fallacies about homeschooling.   Simple Homeschool 

How We Shortchange Gifted Kids.  Research and experience shows gifted kids may not show their abilities early on, we aren’t able to identify most gifted kids, gifted kids aren’t likely to fit easily into a school setting, gifted kids aren’t easily tested nor do they fit mainstream assumptions, and conventional education may squelch full use of their gifts.

School Violence Led Us To Homeschooling.  The daughter and granddaughter of excellent public school teachers, I had never intended to homeschool. That is, until my son was threatened with a gun in the hallway of our award-winning school district.

School ADD Isn’t Homeschool ADD. My son taught me that distractible, messy, disorganized children are perfectly suited to learn in their own way. It was my mistake keeping him in school as long as we did.

The Benefits of Natural Math. Let’s offer the next generation a more intrinsically fascinating, more applied relationship to math. Let’s foster analytical and critical thinking skills across all fields. The future is waiting.

Help Kids Learn About Business & Finance: 60 Resources.  Fresh ideas and resources to raise a money-wise generation.

Five Ways to Transcend the School Mindset. School-like instruction has been around less than a fraction of one percent of the time we humans have been on earth. Yet humanity has thrived. That’s because we’re all born to be free range learners.

Collective Intelligence in Action. When schools don’t work we struggle, debate, break away, collaborate, and reinvent. It takes a small percentage of people to change a cultural mindset. Often it seems that this kind of wider awareness can’t come soon enough. But as philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer observed, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  Tipping Points

Fun Theory I’m not aware of any official Fun Theory in the field of learning. But fun shimmers under the surface of motivation and focus like a very big fish. Home Education Magazine

Loose Parts: What You Need To Know.  Research presents compelling evidence that providing children with open-ended natural materials fosters imagination, creativity, and abstract thinking. Here’s why and how loose parts play is the most natural way kids play.

Bringing Kids Back To The Commons Five ways to involve young people in the workings of their communities.   Alternative Education Resource Organization   

Activate Your Knowledge Networks.  It’s possible to learn, up close and directly, through knowledge networks. Here’s how to activate yours.

26 Ways To Make History Relevant.  Our lives today are evidence that our ancestors survived unbelievable odds stretching back to prehistory. The ground we stand on and the flesh we are composed of is not new, each atom has history. Taking a fresh look at the past is a great way to provide meaning for our lives today.

Modeling Education on the Natural World. We are living natural systems ourselves. Why not base a living education on what works in nature?

Learning. It’s Not About Education. Kids are curious, motivated, and always pushing in the direction of mastery. That is, until we alter the natural process of learning. Here’s what happens.

Organized Sports Aren’t Play. How organized sports have co-opted play and why early organized sports aren’t a great option for kids. Tipping Points

Making History Relevant  Twenty-five engaging ways to bring history into our everyday lives.  Home Education Magazine*

Get Ready to Read by Playing In ways deeper and more vital than we can imagine, play helps children develop the skills necessary for reading. We don’t have to engineer that fun but we can play along.   Life Learning Magazine

Educating Too Early. Starting formal learning too early is highly counterproductive. Here’s why.   Wired

Emphasis on Testing Cheats Everyone. Improving test scores doesn’t boost a student’s later success nor does it advance the standing of the nation. Here are the facts. Wired

We Don’t Need No Age Segregation A tale of one teen who seeks his own adult role models, a radical approach in today’s safety-obsessed culture. Shareable

*Helping Young People Establish Mentoring Connections Vital importance of mentoring relationships as young people mature and ways to find mentors in fields of interest.  Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice

Five Ways Frugal Living Benefits Kids  Living more simply can have a powerful, positive, and lasting effect on our children. Natural Life Magazine

The Boy With No Toys  Play has everything to do with autonomy, exploration, imagination, and fun. It has very little to do with purchased playthings. In fact, structured programs and commercial toys tend to co-opt the most beneficial types of play. Natural Life Magazine

Growing Up Sarcastic & Self-Sufficient on the Farm. What it’s like around here.