Ways of Speaking

faith like a spider


Ways of Speaking


I’m weary of those who talk

in slogans stamped and packed

by someone else, like

long distance truckers paid to drive

without knowing the weight

hauled onto that dark highway.


I want to walk, instead

where I can read the body’s slow knowing.

Where each thing watched long speaks aloud.


A spider tossed by the breeze reaches one strand

thin as faith. As it takes hold she dances between twigs

and waits within a design both beginning and end.

When the web breaks she begins again

tiny legs speaking in ways

we’re meant to hear.


Laura Grace Weldon

Find this and other poems in my collection, Tending. 


7 thoughts on “Ways of Speaking

    • Thanks Bill. Wow, I love that writers I admire are commenting so I can brag about your work! Bill Guerrant is a recovering attorney who, with his wife, runs White Flint Farm. He writes posts about farming, philosophy, and living mindfully at practicingresurrection.wordpress.com. He’s so darn humble that his site doesn’t even mention that he’s also the author of Organic Wesley: A Christian Perspective on Food, Farming, and Faith.


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