Are we supposed to settle for a planet

lagging behind our expectations?

We want reversible time,

admission into past or future

easy as changing our minds.

We want teleportation, so we can

zip anywhere for the afternoon,

maybe Iceland or Argentina,

where we’ll make new friends,

agree to meet up for lunch

next week in Greece

on only an hour’s break.


We want to get past

greed and suffering and war,

enough already.

And death? That’s awfully primitive

for souls with so much left to learn.


That said, this planet does a lot right.

Birds, for one.

Water in all its perfect manifestations.

Those alive poems called trees.

The way a moment’s glance

can reveal a kindred spirit.


Which we all are, really.

The oneness between self and everything

is this planet’s secret, kept imperfectly.

That’s more than we might expect.

Although time travel would be nice.


Laura Grace Weldon

First published in Dove Tails, An International Journal of the Arts. Find more poems in my collection, Tending.

8 thoughts on “Earthbound

  1. Time travel would indeed be nice. I’d like to take the creationists back and the global warming doubters forward… And wouldn’t it be nice if the Earth would just raise her voice a little louder so everyone would have to pay attention.

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  2. “Those alive poems called trees.”

    Beautiful. I spent a couple of hours sitting under some of those poems this evening, waiting for the deer who’ve been eating our gardens (they never appeared). It is amazing how much life a single tree harbors and nourishes, and of course what we see is a tiny fraction of what actually occurs. I sat under a beechnut tree that has my Daddy’s initials carved in it–carved by him about 70 years ago. By human standards the tree was very old when he carved on it, but it was a youngster by tree standards. The bark is now obscuring the marks left by my Daddy and his friends. In a couple of generations those carving will be gone. The tree/poem will live on even as we fade away.

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