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If Jane Goodall Were An Alien

Imagine someone with Jane Goodall’s observational powers coming from outer space to observe us for a few days. Continue reading

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How to Make Spiders Your Teachers, Trees Your Guides

Pay close attention to anything. In it you’ll find wonders. Consider the spider. We appreciate spiders in our family. A large orb weaver lives just outside the front door. Every night when we take the dogs out before going to … Continue reading

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Epidemic of Nearsightedness Has Startling Cause

We don’t mourn the loss of what we don’t see. In fourth grade I had no idea that the equations I copied from the board were incorrect, I only knew that for the first time my math papers were handed … Continue reading

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I Know You Are But What Am I?

Sages, poets and mystics have told us all along that what we perceive is who we are. Research indicates they were right. Our perceptions of others actually say much more about us. Continue reading

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