Is Nature Somewhere Else?

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We tend to think of nature as separate. We imagine spending time “out there” hiking in some remote wilderness, drinking from mountain streams and observing creatures that have never faced highway traffic. There, in a place far from our busy lives, we might find peace, tranquility and some kind of deep connection to what is real.

If. We. Just. Found. Time. To. Get. There.

That’s part of the problem. Because we’re already there. We are nature, right down to the life processes of every cell. And what’s around us even in the smallest city apartment? Nature.

Nature is the food we eat, air we breathe, water we drink. It’s seedlings pushing up between cracks in the cement (and the cement itself, depending how you define it), birds lighting on utility poles, pollen making us sneeze, storm clouds swelling with rain. It’s a living planet in a universe of natural laws that continue to be revealed.

When we define nature as separate from us it’s easier to push it aside as something apart from our very life force.  This disconnect isn’t healthy for us or the planet.

In part it simply has to do with SEEING. I learned this when I helped conduct a psychology study in college.  We went to urban office buildings and asked people two questions. First, we asked each person to describe his or her mood. Second, we asked them to describe the current appearance of the sky. These people were in their offices or hallways when we talked to them and the windows in most buildings were shuttered with horizontal blinds ubiquitous during that decade, so the only way they could have described the sky is if they had paid attention on their way to work or during a break. Here’s the interesting part. The people who identified themselves as pessimistic, angry, depressed or in other negative terms were also the ones unable to describe the sky’s appearance. You guessed it. The happiest and most optimistic people either correctly described the sky or came very close.

That study was never published, but research continues to show that pausing to experience nature in our daily lives has a powerfully positive effect on our minds and bodies. Just a few minutes of regular exposure leads us to be more generous, creative, and enlivened.

So wherever we are, let’s pay attention. Let’s remind ourselves to look at the sky every day, not just for a moment but long enough to savor it (without declaring the weather good or bad). Let’s put our bodies into the experience by taking regular strolls and touching the bark of a tree, a flower’s soft petal, the texture of a rock. Let’s watch the habits of birds, squirrels, spiders and other creatures making their lives amongst ours. Let’s pick one tree near our homes and notice it as the seasons pass, as we would a quiet friend sharing the same neighborhood. It takes only a shift of awareness, but it can make a world of difference.

Nature is right here, moment to moment, in each breath we take. It connects us to what’s real and helps us be the people our planet needs right now.

12 thoughts on “Is Nature Somewhere Else?

  1. Grateful for your article “Is Nature Somewhere Else”
    Helps bring the connections home; to heart and soul.

    I plan to share it with some friends who are open to
    deepening their connections.


    • Hello Kay,

      Good to connect with you. We’ve met a few times—once at Dagmar Celeste’s home, perhaps at Angel House and through at least one River’s Edge program. Thank you for your kind words about this post. I’m thrilled to hear that you’ll be sharing it.

      I hope you are still writing poetry. I know you are still out there doing the good that Sacred Space represents. Thanks for all you do.



  2. Great post. I love nature! I give thanks to the Lord whenever I have a moment of remember He made them. I dig everything He created!

    ~Mimi from the Round Up


  3. Wow!
    What a lovely post. And its true, we should really “stop to smell the roses” to appreciate life for what it is truly….
    And nature is everywhere…so everyone should just stop and take a closer look….

    Thanks for your gentle reminder 🙂


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