One thought on “Activate Your Knowledge Networks

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    Aaah, more words of wisdom, nicely put, from my favourite homeschooling author and blogger 🙂 I have been thinking about just this topic. I have been wondering what people we know/could get know in Dubai who would enjoy being (and be useful) resources for my children. My kids are still quite young but I’m sure my son especially would benefit from somebody else’s enthusiasm, let alone knowledge, about something he’s interested in.

    Edward is growing his hair really long these days. It’s quite a bit longer than mine now. When asked why he’s doing this – not judgementally, we support his freedom to choose his own hairstyle, even at 8 years old, he says it’s because he wants it like ‘the guys I met at the film-making workshop in Bahrain’. This was a workshop aimed at teenagers which a friend, knowing Edward’s dream to make movies, organized for us to attend (despite his being so much younger than everyone else). He loved it. The students running the workshop (in their 20s) were very kind, loved Edward’s enthusiasm and gave him a lot of personal attention. I think this was a sort of life highlight for Edward and these guys are sort of heroes to him. It may not be entirely conscious, because he doesn’t talk about it as such (and Edward does talk a lot!) but I think he wants to emulate the way these dudes looked as well and keep within him the special way they made him feel. And they had long hair! We have to be prepared! It’s especially unusual to see boys here with long hair because it is so incredibly hot in summer. But he doesn’t seem to be bothered by people now constantly thinking he’s a girl! Good for him!

    So, I will thinking about not only the people I know here (obviously not that many after only living in Dubai for a few months) and who they might know and keep my eyes open!!

    Anyway, I am on the lookout for more role models for the kids. And I loved the way Laura has suggested we can all go about it.


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