16 thoughts on “Humanity is a Search Engine

  1. I think this is very true. It’s all part of the knowledge we lose, too. When no one feels the need or urgency to pass on knowledge, that knowledge often dies. Not everything can be found on the internet, despite what is popularly thought!

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  2. This is just beautiful. And necessary. Learning things on YouTube is not nearly as interesting as going to the local Ace Hardware (we have one just down the street) where the owner is always willing to talk about whatever your project is and then some because he’s part of the fabric of the neighborhood. And chatting with my friend who is a nurse when I’m feeling under the weather always brings up stuff I would not have considered on my own. Talking with her when I’m feeling great is also a blast, but that’s a whole different topic. 🙂 Asking people for to share their expertise is a glorious way to open up new channels that will still be there when the power grid goes down (I keep thinking that’s going to happen anytime now). Bonus: you don’t have to know how to type.

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  3. Long ago I read a book about the magic of asking, about people who had transformed their lives by doing so. It’s one of the best forms of social engagement. If I feel stuck in a conversation or about precipitating one I think of a question to ask the other. Of course with it must come respect for and willingness to listen to them, but also for and to oneself.

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    • Sounds like an interesting book!

      Many years ago I learned from a new neighbor that one of the surest ways to connect with someone is to ask their advice. All she did was make a positive comment about my vegetable garden and ask me something about making homemade salsa. I was happy to talk about it, but I also felt “seen” in a way that felt unusual to me. And good! I’ve since learned that relationships (family, friend, partner) have a great deal to do with how we believe we are perceived by the other person. Respectfully asking for someone’s opinion/advice is one way to show positive regard for each other, build positive relationships, maybe help move us past today’s political awfulness.

      (Of course we have to be genuinely interested in what we’re asking and ask in the spirit of open inquiry. We’ve all been asked questions meant to knock us down.)


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