Make a List of Non-Resolutions

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image: unsplash

Resolutions are traditionally meant to fix what we think is wrong with our lives, as if it’s necessary to hammer ourselves into someone society finds more attractive and more successful.

I say meh.

Seems to me the more significant challenges are to discover greater depths in ourselves and to cultivate more joy in our daily lives. Maybe we need to replace New Year’s resolutions with delight-enhancing non-resolutions. If you need ideas for your own list, here are some things I hope to nurture in my life, .

Prioritize time for daydreaming.

Sigh loudly whenever you want to. It stimulates the vagus nerve.

Pursue the urge to know more, no matter how obscure your fascinations.

Tune in to sensory pleasure: birdsong, soft blankets, wind in the trees, warm soup.

Accept all apologies as you wish those you apologize to might accept yours.

Give your machines names,  especially your car.

Send oddities via snail mail, it’s ridiculously fun.

Eat something different, often.

Talk about your traumas as a stand-up comedian might.

Greet the same tree every day.

Each time you take a first sip of ice water, pay attention as it slides down your throat.

Allow yourself to become a library addict.

Lie on the grass whenever you can. Also sand. And snow. It’s like accepting a hug from Ma Nature.

Try sketching for fun.


Collect poems that speak to you.

When you take a walk, just walk. No phone, no earbuds, simply let your legs move you forward.

Talk to insects.

Look at yourself tenderly, as an angelic being might see you, adoring every moment of the amazing mortal life you lead.


15 thoughts on “Make a List of Non-Resolutions

  1. Laura, my dear heart, you make me grin inside and out. This list is harder than it seems, but I shall endeavor to daydream my way through it. Maybe. Perhaps I’ll just sigh.

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  2. Thank you, Laura. I always adore your posts but this one spoke to me loud and clear. I have never made resolutions for the same reason you note- why be so negative about yourself? I always try to do more of something. Something fun. Keep on keeping on. From a fellow library addict!

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  3. read this last year – have come back to it again. so love your list. i laughed at the ‘allowing oneself to sigh loudly’ – i’m definitely taking up that one. others that speak to me today are ‘collect poems that speak to me’ and ‘talk about problems as a comedian might’. i had a resolution last year to memorize three poems. i have yet to do it and i think it’s because i don’t want to speak a poem outloud (for really unknown reasons to me) – so i am taking on your idea of collecting them instead – then i can add to the list at will. and i need more laughter in my life, might as well use the most easily available humor – my problems! now i’m off to ponder a name for my car.

    happy new year!


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