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The Benefits of Natural Math

Rather than narrowing math education to equations on the board (or worksheet or computer screen) we can allow mathematics to stay as alive as it is when used in play, in work, in the excitement of exploration we call curiosity. Here’s why. Continue reading

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Math Instruction versus Natural Math: Benezet’s Example

Imagine ending the practice of math instruction in elementary school. It’s been done, with remarkable results. Find out what happened in one school district. Continue reading

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Why Learning Must Be Hands-On

Education that treats the brain apart from the body will ultimately fail. Our senses cannot be denied. They inform the mind and encode memory. We must see, hear, smell, touch and, yes, taste to form the kinds of complex associations that make up true understanding. Continue reading

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Free Range Chickens & Free Range Learning

“Don’t help, Mom,” Claire says as I go to pick up the three-day-old chick. So I watch instead. It’s peeping helplessly at the side of the ramp leading up to the chicken coop. The mother hen and her other chicks … Continue reading

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Help Kids Learn About Business & Finance: 60+ Resources

Help kids earn money outside the home, learn through picture books, make mock investments, set up an entrepreneurial fair, create a “flying the nest” budget, enjoy finance-smart games, and many more ideas for raising money-wise kids. Continue reading

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Five Ways to Transcend the School Mindset

When we think of education, we tend to view school as the standard even if we simultaneously realize that many parts of that school model aren’t really working. Get past the school mindset to foster wider learning. Continue reading

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No Parrots Here

Parenting would be easier if kids parroted our interests, but that would be indoctrination instead of exploration. Continue reading

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