Photoautotrophic Wisdom

Weed I Won’t Pull


Some hardship curved it into

a green ampersand. Tendrils sprout

along a resolute stem.

I want to lean close, ask

for some photoautotrophic wisdom.

Listen to the soil’s bacterial choir.

Convert to the worship

plants have practiced since the Beginning.

Laura Grace Weldon

Originally published in The Moon Magazine. Find more poems in my collection, Tending.

5 thoughts on “Photoautotrophic Wisdom

  1. I was thinking about you on your big day.

    Maybe the next time that Sam come home you can have professional photos taken of your family in different parings. It would be a nice gift to give yourself and the rest of your family. An idea…

    I hope you have a special day today with extra love all around.


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  2. This pairing was quite lovely ” photoautotrophic wisdom.” I love the coming of spring and all the poetry it inspires.
    As part of National Poetry Month, I’ve been sharing links on my Facebook page to pieces that have particularly captivated me. It’s a way to share the love of poetry and connect readers with other writers. I shared the first poem I read of yours (“Finally, Then”) that hooked me on reading your blog. Here’s a link if you’d like to take a look.

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