Slacker New Year’s Eve

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Years ago we started a new tradition. Slacker New Year’s Eve. No more loud, crowded events. No more babysitting nightmares. And no more driving back home in the early morning hours on icy roads. What a relief.

Instead we stay home with the kids. We put lots of goodies on the table, including snacks that are rarely seen in our fussy-about-nutrition household. We get out amusements like board games and videos, build a fire in the fireplace, and basically slouch around together. It’s fantastic. After all the holiday rush it feels downright indulgent.

A key element of Slacker New Year’s Eve is the no-bedtime promise. On this one night we’ve always told our kids they can stay up all night if they want. For years our kids have tucked us in bed not long after midnight, then done their best to stay up until dawn. A few times they’ve made it. Then they sleep in at least till noon. That tends to result in a nice quiet New Year’s Day morning for mom and dad.

Now our kids are old enough to make their own choices about Slacker New Year’s Eve. I think they’re all staying in and slacking. Me? I’m looking forward to warm jammies, chilled champagne, and hanging out with the people I love. This isn’t about renouncing anything. Slacker New Year’s Eve lets the old year slide out without a fuss and celebrates the upcoming year without effort. Ahhh.

7 thoughts on “Slacker New Year’s Eve

  1. That’s exactly what we do! Ever since I had my daughter, I don’t want to be away from her on New Year’s Eve, and it’s generally not appropriate to bring a baby or kid to many of my friends’ parties (she’s almost 4 now, but I still wouldn’t want her to be exposed to some of my friends’ well, let’s say, hilarity). I love the mellow New Year’s Eve. We also let the kids stay up, tho they generally are happy to go to bed at 12:05 with us, so far.


  2. I whole-heartedly agree ! One year, we baby-sitted the kids and went to a party at a local hotel … totally phony and boring besides! When our kids were kids, we let them stay up and go outside and bang on pots and pans at midnight. They are no longer kids and I miss the noise of the banging pots at midnight on 12/31!


  3. Oh yes! Ours is pretty much just like this, except that we have grandparents over and silly dancing as well. Love to have a quiet night of it. I’m the only one that makes it to “real” midnight. 🙂


  4. This is exactly what we have done for years. Every year I make a nice steak and lobster dinner, by Hubby’s request. The kids each make something as well.
    This year the 6 yr old made cookies, that everyone helped decorate; the 12 year old made the side dishes for dinner and sherbet punch and the 14 yr old made a cheese ball.
    We play board games and watch DVDs in our fuzzy PJs and do silly dances in the kitchen.


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