Geeky Year

If you define a geek as tech informed and sci fi savvy, I’m no geek. But define geek as “a person so immersed in an interest that he or she is out of the mainstream,” and I’m in. According to my kids, I’m obsessed with topics even geeks find obscure. That includes but isn’t limited to subversive cooking, neuroscience, simple living, natural health, outsider art, foreign films, non-violence, and anthropology.

So I was thrilled last year when invited to write for a start-up called It’s associated with, which is some kind of media cousin to Wired. My first piece was published on September 1st, 2010. Since then I’ve written 125 posts and won’t be slowing down. I happen to adore clattering away about topics that fascinate, amuse, or infuriate me. If you’ve never moseyed over to the site, here are random samples of my clattering.


being strange, me versus world,

Image: Kirby Weldon

What it’s like to be strange

Confessions of a Bag Lady

Confused By The Socks With Sandals Thing

Not My Best Side

Extreme Product Testing


subversive cooking

Image: L. Weldon

Subversive Cooking Ideas

Why My Kid Is A Cooking Geek

Go Lick Your Veggies

What A Dip

Green-eyed Eggs



Why I’m expected to watch You Tube and what I find there

Don’t Take You Tube Literally

Animated Character Seizes Control

Rescued By Pudding

I Always Pick the Slowest Line

A Cure For Oregon Trail-itis

Hip Hop History


people to admire

Image: Page Hodel

People to admire

Mama, Let Your Girls Grow Up To Be Like Cowgirls

Monday Hearts For Madalene

Empowering People One Bike At A Time

A Small Act of Kindness



“The Art of Repurposed Rodents

You Deserve a Merit Badge

A More Perfectly Explained Union

Gentlemen Broncos Take On Geekdom


Flickr : Andy Carter's photostream

Book suggestions

How Childhood Books Make Us Who We Are

Infinite Sum of Possibilianism

Little Princes

Asperger Self-Help Author An Aspie Herself

Portal 2: Wikipedia


Sex & the Ditty

Fantasy Investing Preferred

Holiday Interlude

I’ve spared you a taste of long posts and ranting posts I regularly fling on GeekMom (you get enough of that right here). But I would like to ask something of you. Actually, two things.

I’m guessing you’re obsessed with a few topics yourself. Why not fess up? I’d love to hear what gives you that lovely serotonin and dopamine rush.

And I’m open for topic suggestions. What would you like to see covered on GeekMom? Or here on this site? Please pass along ideas and links, silly as well as serious.


3 thoughts on “Geeky Year

  1. Oh my goodness! My morning chores are going undone while I read all of your great posts! Repurposed rodents!??!?! The pudding commercial…hilarious! Remember the 1970’s commercial for snack-pack pudding, where the mom rides in on an eggbeater? Do they even make eggbeaters like that anymore? Mmmmmm….favorite topics…..gardening, jigsaw puzzles, why men don’t wash their hands EVERY time, qigong, is common sense innate or learned, the art of duy huynh, cooking and cooking blogs, bed & breakfasts, the best places to eat breakfast, what trees and flowers have to say, tibetan healing sounds and sanskrit mantras, and what makes people tick…or do some tock?


    • I don’t remember the snack-pack commercial but I live not far from a store serving the Amish community and yes, eggbeaters are still for sale.

      Thanks to you, I headed off to discover who or what “duy huynh” might be. Enchanting! I’m particularly drawn to his painting of a girl absorbed in a book, while her body levitates with butterflies. I know you teach qigong. Why don’t I interview you about it for an upcoming post? Interested?


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