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no style sitting at the computer, blog hag,


Stylish? Nope. Nothing about me qualifies.

My presence makes people who are fashion backward and technologically inept feel much better about themselves. Clearly there are perks for hanging out with me.

But my friend Linda Dobson who authors the wonderfully useful site Parent at the Helm has bestowed the Stylish Blogger Award on me anyway. Maybe she’s decided that my endless quest for meaning counts as style. Thank you Linda, I’m surprised and grateful.

The “rules” that accompany this honor are to divulge seven things about myself, and then pay the Stylish Blogger Award forward to fifteen other blogs. Linda and I read some of the same blogs so to avoid overlap I’ll gladly bestow the award on other worthy winners.

Seven Random Things About Me List

1. I want to do everything. I tend to have trouble fitting my chosen everything into that container called my life.

2. I can find a positive angle just about anywhere. Sometimes I have to use my optimism-tuned crowbar.

3. My ideal breakfast involves lots of onions, homemade paneer, curry spices, and any vegetables that show themselves.

4. After a youth misspent being painfully polite I’m developing minimal impulse control. When my youngest offspring wondered what it would be like to frisbee a tortilla, I tossed it for him. We ended up flinging it up the stairs, at each other, and at his sister. (This is VERY fun.) The dog disciplined us by eating the tortilla.

5. Deep sighs activate the vagus nerve, making one feel calm and relaxed. I admit I should join Vagus Overusers Anonymous.

6. I’m still afraid of the dark. Actually, that there will be no more light.

7. Told too many times by too many formative people that I had so much potential, I began to see my Better Self taunting me from a far distance. I renounce that pressure. Hereby I rename that Better Self by the more apt initials, BS, and accept my own flawed and tender self.

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blog walk,


Now it’s your turn. Take a stroll through these blogs. Enjoy the the wealth of content and uniqueness of vision you find there. Now that’s stylin’.

9 thoughts on “Non-Stylish Woman Wears Blog

  1. Congrats to you. Must say I’m the same with styling and techno-babble. I love the Parenting Passageway, will have to check out the others when I get more than 10 seconds sitting down. lol


  2. Laura, if we ever meet, I’ll have to discuss this notion of style with you. I’m sure I’ve flunked it repeatedly. Not sure I can pass the award on. I think most of the blogs I follow may be written by folks who are either style-impaired or actively anti-style. But I am honored to have it bestowed on me.

    Since there’s no badge or anything, maybe I can get away with creating some evolution here. I think I’ll change it to a Blogger of Substance Award. Rules? Hmm…


    • I was ragging on the whole “style” word here from my own anti-style reaction. I never participate in any of those tag-along things like “change your FB status to ____” or “pass this email to 10 people” because conformity makes me itch. Not sure how I got caught up in this except for the chance to recommend blogs that ARE substance over style. Blogger of Substance sounds more like an award to me.


  3. Homeschoolers may indeed be far better educated and better socialized than the lumpen masses…

    But they are also unsightly dressers, in general.

    Who cares anyway?

    It’s not like they are going to embarrass their kids when they pick them up at school or anything.


    • Speaking of unsightly and embarrassing homeschool attire, my family watched “Gentlemen Broncos” last night. Talk about satire. This film hit the homeschool stereotype right on, then parodied sci-fi fans, pompous writers, D-list indie filmmakers, and sci-fi itself. It was crude and over the top, but heck, it also had lines like:“That’s the most well guarded yeast factor I’ve ever seen” and “Holy crap, surveillance does. I hate those.” Best laugh? Finding out the director modeled the awkward, popcorn ball making, polyester nightie designer after HIS OWN MOTHER.


  4. Tortilla flinging can be very fun. 😉 I’m honored to have made your list. I’ll have to think on what to post. I’m looking forward to sharing a review of your book in March.


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