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Laura Grace Weldon is a writer and editor, perhaps due to an English professor's scathing denunciation of her writing as "curious verbiage." She's the author of "Free Range Learning," a handbook of natural learning and "Tending," a poetry collection. ( She's working on her next book, "Subversive Cooking" ( She lives on Bit of Earth Farm where she is a barely useful farm wench. Although she has deadlines to meet she often wanders from the computer to preach hope, snort with laughter, cook subversively, talk to chickens and cows, discuss life’s deeper meaning with her surprisingly tolerant offspring, sing to bees, hide in books, walk dogs, concoct tinctures, watch foreign films, and make messy art.

Natural Math: 100+ Activities & Resources

Real, hands-on, sometimes messy, always thought-provoking experiences are the building blocks for higher level thinking. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Natural Math

Rather than narrowing math education to equations on the board (or worksheet or computer screen) we can allow mathematics to stay as alive as it is when used in play, in work, in the excitement of exploration we call curiosity. Here’s why. Continue reading

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Math Instruction versus Natural Math: Benezet’s Example

Imagine ending the practice of math instruction in elementary school. It’s been done, with remarkable results. Find out what happened in one school district. Continue reading

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Are You An Anthropocentrist?

Ample evidence that we humans are not superior to all other living beings. Instead we might recognize other creatures are “gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.” Continue reading

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Understanding Children Through Imitation

Try listening at the bodily level to understand a child’s experience. It can be instructive as well as enlightening. Continue reading

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“It is good to love many things” ~Vincent Van Gogh

“The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Continue reading

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Gifting a Week of Meals

How to help out by arrange a series of meals. This is a blessing for the family of a new baby, someone home from a military assignment, and for people recovering from illness or injury. Continue reading

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