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Laura Grace Weldon is a writer and editor, perhaps due to an English professor's scathing denunciation of her writing as "curious verbiage." She's the author of "Free Range Learning," a handbook of natural learning and "Tending," a poetry collection. ( She's working on her next book, "Subversive Cooking" ( She lives on Bit of Earth Farm where she is a barely useful farm wench. Although she has deadlines to meet she often wanders from the computer to preach hope, snort with laughter, cook subversively, talk to chickens and cows, discuss life’s deeper meaning with her surprisingly tolerant offspring, sing to bees, hide in books, walk dogs, concoct tinctures, watch foreign films, and make messy art.

Carter, Mason, Hunter: Vocation Names for Boys

When we give boys names once based in occupations, are we unconsciously hearkening back to a time when a man was known by his expertise and good reputation? Continue reading

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The Magic of Fresh Air for Babies & Other Beings

What babies can teach us about going outside. Continue reading

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Truly Inhabiting Time

Each repeated choice we make teaches our brains to prefer that choice. Continue reading

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Dangerous Accessories

What happens when your scarf plots against you. Continue reading

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Make a List of Non-Resolutions

Enough with resolutions intended to “fix” our lives. How about some delight-enhancing non-resolutions? Continue reading

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Worst Christmas Became Most Memorable Christmas

Heartwarming Christmas story with despair, secrets, delight, and some poo. Continue reading

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You Are the Food You Think About

We think we’re in charge of our choices. Our moods. Our long-term goals. Apparently not. Continue reading

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