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Are You A Baboon Or A Bonobo?

I’m hampered when communicating with certain people—those who one-up each over with how perfect their lives are or spar about who has it worse. Continue reading

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Healing Power of a Good Snort

No one is upbeat all the time. Well, there are a few people but clearly they aren’t paying much attention to what’s going on around them. And admit it, none of us like their ridiculously peppy good cheer. Even the most dedicated optimist falls into a pit of despair occasionally. BUT, I’ve discovered a cure for this common malaise.
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The Trouble With Principles

Poems live only while they’re read. Most poems have a lifespan comparable to that of a mayfly. Continue reading

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Imaginary Motherhood

The real me falls terribly short. I kvetch. I plot giant world saving accomplishments while forgetting to water the plants. I fuss and grumble and speaking of short, I’m also shorter than everyone in the house. That can’t be right. In my imagination I am tall.
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