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16 Ways To Spark Creativity

1. Get out of your head and back to your senses. Touch, smell, and taste. Reach out and feel the texture of bricks as you walk by a building. Forgo utensils to eat with your hands. Notice the sensation of cool … Continue reading

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7 Ways To Access Your Body’s Unique “Knowing”

Getting in touch with our body’s “knowing” keeps us safe, self-reliant, and happy. This perception is strong in the youngest children. We can re-learn it at any age. Continue reading

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Grateful For The Dark Stuff Too

A life lived fully means embracing your mistakes, doubts, and crises. Continue reading

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What’s Up On The Farm

It’s quiet on our little farm. Spring hasn’t really arrived in Ohio. Although I’m starting heritage tomato seeds, they’re waiting to spout in front of a window that still frosts over most nights. And it’s quiet on our farm website … Continue reading

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