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What Makes A Street Into A Neighborhood?

Some neighborhoods connect through pig pen parties and cookouts. Others have less obvious networks. Continue reading

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Do You Tell The Truth About Santa?

I vowed I would not follow the collective Santa lie with my own children. Sure, the truth might lead them right into the same minefield of logic versus belief with some other kid. That isn’t a bad thing, it’s how kids learn to think for themselves (as long as their parents don’t run interference). But I had no intention of killing Santa entirely. Continue reading

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Unfit for Polite Society

The first rule of potlucks is to utter nothing but praise for the food. This is where things went wrong. Continue reading

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What Do Your Gifts Say?

There’s meaning embedded in our gifts. We have certain intentions as we shop, wrap, anticipate giving, and finally offer the gift. Our efforts try to say something. Continue reading

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