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How to Raise Global Learners

Living on a farm we don’t have the time or the means to travel. But we want our children to be global citizens. We want them to truly understand how fully they are linked to their fellow beings on this … Continue reading

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Spreads Like Butter But No Calories: Kindness

No matter how many times someone claims that humans are naturally selfish and aggressive, they’re wrong. We’re constructed for compassion. It’s easy to tell. Our bodies function best when we’re in a state of cooperation and caring. Research shows this … Continue reading

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Singing From the Inside Out

I can’t sneeze in a roomful of my friends without hitting a number of talented singer-songwriters who’d love to make a living through music. (Yes, a metaphorical sneeze.) Yet nearly every gifted artist any of us know has to ignore … Continue reading

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Dear Cleveland

* * * Dear Cleveland, * What’s with the lonely sidewalks? You’ve got so much to offer. No, I’m not saying that because I feel sorry for you. You have a great personality and a good heart, that’s what matters. … Continue reading

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