9 Questions To Launch The New Year

  • How do I enrich other lives and how do other lives enrich me?
  • What are the most meaningful things I do? Do I want to expand my time doing them?
  • What centers me and me helps me feel whole? How can I offer myself more time for wholeness?
  • How can I let myself be guided by what delights me?
  • In what ways can I pay more attention to my intuition, especially the promptings of my body, and how can I allow my inner wisdom to more fully emerge?
  • Where do I connect with people dissimilar from myself? How can I reach out to build a wider, more inclusive community? What can I do to better understand and be understood?
  • What do I want to remember long after the experience is over? (Maybe create a personal version Life List?)
  • What gets me in the flow, lets me lose track of time and feel energized by what I’m doing? Can I free up more flow time for myself and others?
  • What’s holding me back? How can I step into the future with greater hope and enthusiasm? How can we help each other step into the future with greater hope and enthusiasm?

You might meditate on these questions. Write with them. Draw or collage or paint with them. Walk with them. Talk them over with someone else. Discuss them at a gathering. Use them to prompt a letter to yourself. Let a single question capture your attention and let it accompany you into the new year. Or contemplate your own questions as you dance into the future we share on this lovely, complicated planet.


7 thoughts on “9 Questions To Launch The New Year

  1. Thank you Laura
    These are just the questions I need to be asking myself – especially ‘where do I connect with people dissimilar from myself?’ I hadn’t ever pondered that and so it’s an exciting and new question which may expand my world a lot, even just by thinking about it.

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  2. Thank you, Laura. These are just the kind of questions my family and I have been asking more of, for years now. And, in the past few weeks – yes, past few weeks have been revealing (so, this article from you is eerie in its timing!) . Yes, things are shifting even more in favour of what the heart years to do, where is our time going, are we living every single day in tune with the overall purpose and the small joys that are ours.
    Beautiful introspective questions.

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