Finally, Then

poem for procrastinators


Finally, Then


After dinner is over, dishes clean,

their porcelain lips stacked in smiles

behind the cupboard door.


After your desk is organized,

emails sent, final draft finished,

your to-do list a flock of check marks,

migratory birds flapping

down the column and out

to the horizon of a light-suffused land

called Everything is Done.


Finally, you can do whatever it is

you say you’ve always wanted to do.

Or not said, because naming can sometimes

dilute a dream’s dark essence.


But there’s bank overdraft to fix,

unread library books to return,

another doctor’s appointment,

and these days when you accelerate,

your car makes a screaming noise

like a small trapped animal.

You can picture its curled body

and dark eyes, terrified your speed

will toss it onto the moving parts

of a machine made only to go.

Maybe, after you get it fixed,

clear up a few other things,

finally, then, you’ll have time.

Laura Grace Weldon


Originally published by Great Lakes Review.  Find more poetry in my collection, Tending. 


9 thoughts on “Finally, Then

  1. I read this poem the other day while on a mission to find blogs of fellow fiction writers. Imagine my alarm when just moments ago the line “porcelain lips stacked in smiles” drifted into my thoughts and I thought “I didn’t comment, I didn’t like the post. What if I can’t find it again?”
    Lesson learned. If you are fortunate enough to cross a blog that’s not specifically about what you think you should be searching for at that moment, never walk away from beautiful language.


      • You’re welcome. I love flash fiction (and obviously poetry). I love the economy of words, and everything that can be hinted at, but never said.
        I bet there were some great pieces that came out of your workshop.

        Liked by 1 person

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