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How Big Are Your Moments?

Our lives are constructed of what we notice and remember. Continue reading

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Dancing Babies & World Peace

We’re born more attuned to music than speech. Yet until this most recent generation and the benefits of music-sharing technology, few of us had the benefits of wide exposure to music beyond our own cultural borders. Building bridges of understanding can start with music. It can start before language, right about the time that first smile emerges. We’re made for music. Lets listen to one another’s. Continue reading

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Horse Boy: Because Autism Pushes Past Definitions

We live in a time when limited definitions and restrictive boundaries no longer apply. For example, autism. People with autism themselves are changing what it means to be “normal.” The wild artist, the radical theorist, the creative scientist have long … Continue reading

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For Brainpower & Focus, Try Clapping

Hand-clapping songs improve us in a host of surprising ways. Focus & alertness. Better writing. Calmness. Perhaps even social maturity. Up for a round of Miss Suzie anyone? Continue reading

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