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On the Beating Death of a Snapping Turtle

This encounter with a snapping turtle was one of those pivotal moments. Do we show our children we are part of nature—-to experience with wonder, to treat with respect and to embrace as a unifed whole. Or do we show them that nature is separate from us—-to use for our amusement, to treat with distain, to attempt to control? Continue reading

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Race to Nowhere?

Natural learning isn’t just the antidote to soul-crushing pressure. It’s the way young people have learned throughout time. It’s time to redefine success on our own terms. Let our children sleep in. Let them dream. Continue reading

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Lament of an UnNerd

* Gray-haired guys in line ahead of me at the coffee shop text with casual ease, order fabulously complicated drinks and manage to pay in one smooth motion. I’m too cheap to have texting as an option on my phone … Continue reading

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