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Real Action Footage Hard to Find: World’s Most Powerful Force Rarely Filmed

* * * * * * * * Few talk about it. Fewer know much about its principles or how to apply them. Yet it has a profound impact, a long history and a reach nearly as wide as heaven. … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Ordinary People

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Einstein * * * * The world is full of ordinary, wonderful people. Ever since I learned about Randy Stang in Regina Brett’s Plain Dealer … Continue reading

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Our Kid’s Pursuits Are Their Own

Snake wrangler, computer geek, vintage auto restorer. These are a few of the identities one of my sons tries on as he masters areas of interest to him. He used to patiently stalk alongside our creek and behind the woodpile … Continue reading

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