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Don’t Bother Mom, She’s Blogging About Motherhood

Motherhood is oriented to firsts. The secret only older women dole out is that motherhood is also filled with lasts. Continue reading

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What Do You Do Every Day?

What do you do every day? That’s what people wonder about homeschoolers. Sometimes they ask us point blank, “Okay you homeschool, but what do you DO every day?” It seems like a huge mystery that we self-compose our days, living … Continue reading

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Confession of a Journal Slacker

Beautiful blank journals await my pen. These ornate books with their untouched pages seem too daunting to open let alone abuse with my prose. I write all the time. I scribble ideas on envelopes and the backs of receipts. At … Continue reading

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Going to Hope in a Handbasket

“Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”             Arundhati Roy * * * Fear sells. Blood and guts sell even better. What really … Continue reading

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