Gathering Fifty Wise Homeschoolers in One Place

Award-winning Home Education Magazine has been published since 1984 by Mark and Helen Hegener and their third-generation homeschooling family. Each issue inspires, informs and invigorates readers.  Of all the magazines our family receives, this is one we keep. The copies are timeless. I share them, refer to them and treasure them.

A “best of” volume titled The Homeschool Reader: Series 1995-1999: Collected Articles from Home Education Magazine has just been released. It gathers nearly 50 homeschooling experts in one place.  I was honored to serve as editor for this project.

For a glimpse of what this very full little book offers, take a look at the bounty promised by the table of contents.

Starting Out

“Revelations of a Homeschooling Mom” by Carol Wanagel

“Keep It in the Family” by Catherine Daughton

“The Early Years Child’s Learning Assets” by Linda Dobson

“Leaving Public Education” by Ellen C. Bicheler

“Decompression – Frequently Asked Questions” by Cafi Cohen

“User Friendly Homeschooling Records” by Larry and Susan Kaseman

“Make Learning Fun” by Katie Fawcett

“A Word of Encouragement If Needed” by Rebekah Freedman

Family Life

“When Everything is a Mess…” by Katje Sabin-Newmiller

“And Baby Makes Trouble?” by Cindy Gaddis

“The Fabric of Home Education” by Kathy E. Waldorf

“My Kids Won’t Let Me Teach” by Ann Leadbetter

“On His Own Time” by Robin Ohlgren-Evans

“Anecdotes” by Helen Hegener

“All Play and No Work?” by Linda Kidwell

“Handmade, Homespun and Homeschooled” by Robin Ohlgren-Evans

Fathers’ Viewpoints

“The Forest Floor Theory of Love” by Odds Bodkin

“Notes From a Homeschooling Dad” by Jeff Kelety

“Homeschooling Fathers” by Gary Wyatt

“When Dad Homeschools: from Breadwinning to Baking” by Jim Dunn


“Socialization” by Helen Hegener

Different Needs

“You’re Going To What?” by Melissa Wagner

“Personal Notes on ADD” by Janie Bowman


“Learning to Love Math” by Alison Moore Smith

“Ten Counter-Intuitive Math Teaching Tips” by Cafi Cohen


“Learning to Read” by Sue Smith Heavenrich

“Learning to Read” by Christine Lozano

Reading Recovery Program” by Martine Palmiter

“A Family Book Club for Readers and Non-Readers” by Melinda Roth


“Getting It Down: Ways to Encourage a Reluctant Writer” by Sue Smith-


“The Writing Club” by Jill Boone

“Haiku in my Pocket” by Sue Smith-Heavenrich


“Art for the Younger Child” by Jan Brewington

“Art for the Older Child” by Jan Brewington

Physical Education

“Time For Family Baseball” by Earl Gary Stevens


“Learning and Doing Science” by Cafi Cohen

“Learning High School Science Outside a Lab” by Sue Smith-Heavenrich

“Learning Nature’s Way: With Open Arms and Ample Interruptions” by

Gail McClelland Fenton

“Natural Nature Learning” by Deborah Taylor-Hough

History & Social Studies

“History At The Old Huff House” by Diane Huff

“Meet Travis The Traveling Bear” by Julie Hart

Philosophy & Ethics

“Philosophy and Learning at Home” by Jana Mohr Lone

“From Empathy to Altruism: Community Service” by Shalynn Ford

Discussing Unschooling and More Structured Homeschooling

“Unschooling” by Cheri Howard

“Keys to Successful Unschooling” by Susan Jordan

“What Do I Do?by Eileen Yoder

“Unschooling or School-At-Home?” by Chris Sims

“In Defense of Workbooks” by Joanne M. Billmers

First Day” by April Montgomery

Learning, Working and Heading Out on Their Own: Teen and Young Adults

“Ten Reasons to Homeschool Through High School” by Cafi Cohen

How to Help your Child Choose a Career” by Dr. Ferne Cherne

“Preparing for College: An Insider’s View” by Maggie Bryson

Travel Homeschooling

“A World of Learning” by Barbara Theisen

“A Year Abroad: A Family Learning Together” by Lantien Chu


“Redefining Basics” by Earl Gary Stevens

“Reflections of a Homeschooled Homeschooler” by Rebecca Bangs Amos

“On Self-Doubt” by Lenita Harsch

“When Being a Mom Isn’t Enough” by Amy Hollingsworth

“I Told You Not to Do That” by Kathleen Creech

“Bad Homeschooling Days” by Selena Montoya

“My Kids Aren’t Geniuses!” by Sally Hunt

“Letting Go of the Reins” by Helen Hegener

“The Door’s Wide Open, Come Out and Play” by Kathleen Creech

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