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Smart Pants: High Tech Trousers For Every Contingency

Features include memory chip, fat-melting steam, equilibrium assistance, and more. We need these pants more than we need Google Glasses. Continue reading

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Not My Real Name

Next time you’re supposed to give your name for restaurant reservations, try this. Continue reading

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Growing Up Sarcastic & Self-Sufficient On The Farm

Natural learning and all sorts of friends serves as an antidote to cultural factors relentlessly trying to pressure young people into sameness. Continue reading

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When Toys Attack

Toys aren’t all fun and games. They lurk, waiting to embarrass or terrify us. Admit it. Toys have taken revenge on you haven’t they? Continue reading

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Peace Meeting Disrupted By Vegetation Attack

Dignity and the gag reflex do not go together. Continue reading

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Healing Power of a Good Snort

No one is upbeat all the time. Well, there are a few people but clearly they aren’t paying much attention to what’s going on around them. And admit it, none of us like their ridiculously peppy good cheer. Even the most dedicated optimist falls into a pit of despair occasionally. BUT, I’ve discovered a cure for this common malaise.
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All Day Every Day Video Game Learning

In a few years you won’t be able to spit without hitting a school district boasting some version of all day, every day video game schooling. Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Fall, So Laugh

I’m a terribly flawed human being.
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