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Links & Updates 7-31-14

A family tree for all 7 billion of us. The Great Green Wall. Plus laundry zen, learning links, and much more. Continue reading

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Resources for Simple Holiday Gifts & Fun

Dozens of resources including simple holiday traditions, DIY gift-giving, and more. Continue reading

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Links & News 5-20-13

My good news. Plus human-eating giants, memory consolidation, ranting, and more. Continue reading

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These Are Interstellar Times

Something amazing is happening right now, an achievement that will set the times we live in apart from any other in human history. Continue reading

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For Brainpower & Focus, Try Clapping

Hand-clapping songs improve us in a host of surprising ways. Focus & alertness. Better writing. Calmness. Perhaps even social maturity. Up for a round of Miss Suzie anyone? Continue reading

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Lament of an UnNerd

* Gray-haired guys in line ahead of me at the coffee shop text with casual ease, order fabulously complicated drinks and manage to pay in one smooth motion. I’m too cheap to have texting as an option on my phone … Continue reading

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Singing From the Inside Out

I can’t sneeze in a roomful of my friends without hitting a number of talented singer-songwriters who’d love to make a living through music. (Yes, a metaphorical sneeze.) Yet nearly every gifted artist any of us know has to ignore … Continue reading

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