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The Boy With No Toys

Could you deprive your child of toys for his own good? Find out why one mother does. Continue reading

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7 Ways To Access Your Body’s Unique “Knowing”

Getting in touch with our body’s “knowing” keeps us safe, self-reliant, and happy. This perception is strong in the youngest children. We can re-learn it at any age. Continue reading

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We Are One Being

We are one being on this planet. Everything on Earth is connected in ways we don’t recognize. Continue reading

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Mine Is The Wrong Kind Of Lust

To me there’s soul-drenching nourishment that comes of contemplation, quiet, and service.

No wanderlust, instead I lust after roots. Continue reading

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The Youngest Have The Oldest Way Of Knowing

Young children have a very creative sense of reality. That’s exactly the way they’re supposed to be. Adults may teach children that the night’s dreams have nothing to do with the next day, that the wind doesn’t have a voice, that a beloved toy can’t feel their adoration. Still, children know what they experience. They sense potent meaning in everything. Continue reading

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Mom Knows Nothing

There’s peace to be found right beyond the need for answers. That puts the emphasis on love, not on what’s right. Continue reading

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How to Make Spiders Your Teachers, Trees Your Guides

Pay close attention to anything. In it you’ll find wonders. Consider the spider. We appreciate spiders in our family. A large orb weaver lives just outside the front door. Every night when we take the dogs out before going to … Continue reading

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