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Mom Knows Nothing

There’s peace to be found right beyond the need for answers. That puts the emphasis on love, not on what’s right. Continue reading

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How to Make Spiders Your Teachers, Trees Your Guides

Pay close attention to anything. In it you’ll find wonders. Consider the spider. We appreciate spiders in our family. A large orb weaver lives just outside the front door. Every night when we take the dogs out before going to … Continue reading

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Epidemic of Nearsightedness Has Startling Cause

We don’t mourn the loss of what we don’t see. In fourth grade I had no idea that the equations I copied from the board were incorrect, I only knew that for the first time my math papers were handed … Continue reading

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Is Nature Somewhere Else?

When we define nature as separate from us it’s easier to push it aside as something apart from our very life force. This disconnect isn’t healthy for us or the planet. Continue reading

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On the Beating Death of a Snapping Turtle

This encounter with a snapping turtle was one of those pivotal moments. Do we show our children we are part of nature—-to experience with wonder, to treat with respect and to embrace as a unifed whole. Or do we show them that nature is separate from us—-to use for our amusement, to treat with distain, to attempt to control? Continue reading

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