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11 Reasons Sing-Songy Names and Rhymes Are Important

Maybe you call each other nonsense names. Maybe you naturally make up tunes to ease a frustrating experience. Maybe you recite the same chants you learned as a child. Here are some reasons why this is so beneficial. Continue reading

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Understanding Children Through Imitation

Try listening at the bodily level to understand a child’s experience. It can be instructive as well as enlightening. Continue reading

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ANNA-RF: Beautiful Proofs of Mankind’s Similarity

Mid-Eastern group ANNA-RF collaborates with musicians around the world, making peace beyond what they call “borders or other fictive ideas of separation.” Continue reading

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16 Ways To Spark Creativity

1. Get out of your head and back to your senses. Touch, smell, and taste. Reach out and feel the texture of bricks as you walk by a building. Forgo utensils to eat with your hands. Notice the sensation of cool … Continue reading

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Six Ways Introduce Fine Arts Using The Happy Idiot Method

Enjoyment-based, jump-right-in way we’ve always gotten comfy with fine arts. Continue reading

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Transferring Enthusiasm

There is something vitally important transmitted when one person’s enthusiasm sets off a spark in others. This sort of spirit can’t be reproduced in any curriculum. That’s why, whenever possible, we learn from people who are passionate. Potters, chemists, bird watchers, dairy farmers, blacksmiths, historians, wildlife rehabilitators, wood carvers, entrepreneurs, air traffic controllers, geologists, musicians, engineers, chefs, astronomers, you name it. Continue reading

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Dancing Babies & World Peace

We’re born more attuned to music than speech. Yet until this most recent generation and the benefits of music-sharing technology, few of us had the benefits of wide exposure to music beyond our own cultural borders. Building bridges of understanding can start with music. It can start before language, right about the time that first smile emerges. We’re made for music. Lets listen to one another’s. Continue reading

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