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Where Fascination Leads

Do a small child’s fears and fascinations have something to do with a uniqueness he’s trying to live out, a sort of “acorn” of destiny? Continue reading

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A Child’s Place Is In The Kitchen

Helping out in the kitchen provides all sorts of benefits, even for the smallest kids. Find out how. Continue reading

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Imaginary Motherhood

The real me falls terribly short. I kvetch. I plot giant world saving accomplishments while forgetting to water the plants. I fuss and grumble and speaking of short, I’m also shorter than everyone in the house. That can’t be right. In my imagination I am tall.
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Mine Is The Wrong Kind Of Lust

To me there’s soul-drenching nourishment that comes of contemplation, quiet, and service.

No wanderlust, instead I lust after roots. Continue reading

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