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A Child’s Place Is In The Kitchen

Helping out in the kitchen provides all sorts of benefits, even for the smallest kids. Find out how. Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s & Autism: We Can Change This

Stopping Alzheimer’s disease and autism—they both are related to brain health via diet. Continue reading

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Will Fracking Affect My Family?

Take a close look at how fracking might affect your food, your rights, your insurance, your health, and your environment. Continue reading

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Googling Gooey Butter

Does the net affect our memories? Yes, but maybe not the way we think it does. Continue reading

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Eat Your Dandelions

Eat dandelions to celebrate spring. These health-giving plants are tasty and eating them is fun. Continue reading

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Learning Disabilities Linked To Environmental Toxins

Everyday chemicals are linked to autism, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and sensory disorders. Continue reading

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Yes, Diet Can Affect A Child’s Behavior

A child’s diet can affect his or her behavior, health, school performance, even I.Q. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Subversive Cook

Innovating in the kitchen isn’t just about using up a leftover sweet potato. It’s a real life pursuit to eat well while living frugally. Continue reading

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Unfit for Polite Society

The first rule of potlucks is to utter nothing but praise for the food. This is where things went wrong. Continue reading

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Thanks To Mom, We Tried Turkey Farming

Honoring those who have gone before us by pasture-raising turkeys. An experiment on our family farm. Continue reading

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