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“It is good to love many things” ~Vincent Van Gogh

“The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Continue reading

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ANNA-RF: Beautiful Proofs of Mankind’s Similarity

Mid-Eastern group ANNA-RF collaborates with musicians around the world, making peace beyond what they call “borders or other fictive ideas of separation.” Continue reading

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Dreaming of Halos

Is the juncture of small human reality and larger Truth a kind of creative force? Continue reading

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Feeding Creativity With Constraints

Challenges are imagination stretchers. They open us to new ways of seeing and understanding. If they’re oddly entertaining, even better. Continue reading

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38 Unexpected Ways To Revel In Snail Mail

You think snail mail is dull? Liven up your snail mail experience. Mail something unwrapped like a shovel. Make your own envelopes and seal them with homemade flavored glue. Write an un-thank you note. Correspond with a toddler. Get ahead at work using good old fashioned snail mail. Find out how one man mailed himself to freedom. Continue reading

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Monday Hearts For Madalene

Love made visible. Continue reading

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Throw Strangely Amusing Parties

Host a pig pen party. Or a box party. Or get gluing with friends and make some art. Strange parties are the best parties. Continue reading

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